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Work Permit in Turkey

work permit in turkey
Work Permit in Turkey &Work Permit Process

Work Permit in Turkey: When establishing business with foreign partners, it’s required  to apply for working permit for foreign partners and foreign managers of the company. The company must fulfil the below conditions for the working permit.

According to the new law, the working permit requirement is abolished in case directors of incorporated companies do not reside in Turkey and in case foreign partners of limited companies are not the authority in these companies.

Foreigners are able to establish and take over a company as a 100% shareholder in Turkey or providing that it is not less than 40% share (for work permit in Turkey) they can be a partner for any company.

It’s required that stock capital of a company must be at least 100.000 TL or gross sales amount to at least 800.000 TL or the export amount of last year amounts to at least 250.000 USD.

In the company that demanded for working permit, employing at least 5 (five) Turkish Citizens is mandatory for each foreign partner. For foreign partners who is demanding for working permit, the five turkish employees condition is required at the last six months of 1st year of working permit. If working permit is demanded for more than one foreigner in the same company, it’s required employing apart 5 (five) Turkish Citizen for each foreigner after the first foreigner who has taken working permit.

Work permit in Turkey for foreing partners are not required while establishing a company and  can be applied for afterwards.

Documents Needed to Get Work Permit in Turkey and Related Costs

  • Application letter
  • Certificate of Commencement taken from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Balance Sheet relating to the past year approved by Tax Office or Sworn financial advisor
  • Trade Registry Gazette which shows the latest fund and partnership structure of the Company
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Residence permit (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Copy of passport which shows identity information
  • Notarized diploma or graduation document in Turkish
  • 1 Passport photograph
  • Social Security number of the company
  • Phone number of the foreign partner
  • Marital status of the foreign partner
  • Residency address abroad of the foreign partner
  • Domestical residency address of the foreign partner

The process of applying and getting work permit in Turkey will take about 45 days and will cost 500 USD.

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