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Establishing Business in Energy Sector in Turkey

Energy Sector in Turkey

Recently, Turkey has become one of the leading countries in energy sector and managed to draw attention to many investors. The traders who want to establish business in Turkey, they can start their business under the same conditions with domestic investors.

While establishing a business in Turkey in the energy sector, there are some different special conditions from other sectors should be completed.

Special Conditions of Energy Sector in Turkey

The special conditions need to be completed for  establishing a business in Turkey in energy sector.

  • Company Types can be established : Limited Company, Joint Stock Company
  • Minimum Capital Amount: 1.000.000 TL
  • The foundations should get permission from; EPDK, EPİAŞ
  • Required guarantee amount to get permisson: 250.000 TL
  • Average Permission Time : 6 Months

Our company is providing special consultance services about establishing company in energy sector in Turkey and required permission issues after establishing for investors who want to take place in energy sector.

Our company is authorised in respect of establishing business by Turkish Law and we’re providing services in Turkish, Arabic, French and Russian languages.

Please contact us for your questions about this issue and demands of price quotation.

Foreign Investors in Turkey

Company Formation in Turkey by foreign investors is supported by Turkish Law. According to the 2016 data, there are 49.993 foreign-invested corporations and 877 contact offices in Turkey. The 75% of them are Limited Company, and 25% of them are Joint Stock Company. In Turkey, there are average 4.000 new foreign-invested companies are establishing each year.

The 5 Cities Mostly Preferred by Foreign Investors;

  • İstanbul
  • Ankara
  • İzmir
  • Antalya
  • Bursa

Top 10 of Investor Countries;

  • Syria
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iranian
  • Germany
  • Egypt

If you have any questions about  Establishing a Business in TurkeySetup Company in Turkey,‎ Company Formation in Turkey,Company registration in Turkey please contact us.

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  • Are there any legal barriers during the establishment of a company in Turkey for foreign citizens or companies? (Such as a local partner/manager required)
    • There are no legal barriers for foreign citizens or companies.
  • What are the rates for corporate tax / income tax in Turkey?
    • Corporate Tax: %22
    • Income Tax: Up to 18.000 TL %15, 18.000 TL –  40.000 TL %20, 40.000 TL – 98.000 TL %27, 98.000 TL and over %35
  • What is the rate for VAT?
    • VAT Rates: 1%, 8%, and 18%
  • Is it possible to setup company in turkey with a virtual office service? Do you have a partner for this service? Please note example rates.
    • It is possible and also a common choice in Turkey. We have a partner. And the average price for a virtual office service is 50,00 USD per month.
  • What is the minimum wage in Turkey?
  • Are there any restrictions on bank transfer in Turkey?
    • We dont have any restrictions in Turkey.
  • Are there any government incentives for foreign investor in Turkey?
    • Turkey has incentives for foreign investors both in establishment of a company and afterwards.
  • After the setup process do you offer a service (Bookkeeping and other tax related obligations)? Or do you have a partner for that? What is the average rate?
    • Our company has accountants in our team also. We offer this service for average 200 USD per month + 18 % VAT
  • Do partners and managers need a working permit? What are the terms of getting a working permit for them?
    • According to the new law, the working permit requirement is abolished in case directors of incorporated companies do not reside in Turkey and in case foreign partners of limited companies are not the authority in these companies. In order to get one company should have 100.000 TL stock capital and for every work permit company should have 5 Turkish employees for every foreigner (in 6 months after the establishment).
  • Do you need the presence of partners/managers to open a bank account and establish the company?
    • In order to open a bank account partners or manager have to come Turkey.
  • We usually work with foreign trade or construction companies. Do you have any regulations regarding these business?
    • For foreign trade business companies need registration from Exporters Association. Average registration fee is 250 TL. There are no special conditions for  construction companies.
  • If there’s something you want to add about foreigners establishing a company in your country, please specify.
    • We recommend Limited Company for companies with foreign partners.

If you have any questions about  work permit in TurkeyTurkey Work Permit,  Setup Company in Turkey,‎ Company Formation in Turkey,Company registration in Turkey please contact us.


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